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Two features you should activate to protect your Telegram account

Today many users adopted messaging apps as the primary means of communication, surpassing even email or traditional phone calls. Because of this, it’s essential to protect your Telegram or other messaging app account from external attacks. If you don’t protect your user accounts some hackers may impersonate your identify.

Telegram and WhatsApp provide the user with different tools to enhance security. In the Telegram environment for example, you can protect your account to avoid impersonation and scams for your friends or relatives. Hence the importance of configuring the app to make use of the security features it includes.

Protect your Telegram account with two-step verification

Features to protect your Telegram account

In Telegram you have two important features that can protect your account but are turned off by default. In order to activate them you have to open the app in your mobile device and access the settings menu.

  • Click on the button located in the upper left corner.
  • Select the Settings menu.
  • Open the Privacy and Security screen.

Activate the Two-Step Verification option as well as Passcode Lock.

The Two-Step Verification adds an extra layer of security in order to protect your account. Enabling it lets you add a new layer of security above the mandatory password. You can use this verification to avoid hacking attempts.

There are certain cases where other people have access to your mobile phone. Therefore, you can protect different apps and actions with a new password. The Passcode must by entered every time you open Telegram to avoid other people using your chats.

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