How to archive or delete emails

The difference about archive or delete emails alternatives

Depending on what you use your email account for, you may receive a large number of emails throughout the day. Some of these messages may be important, while many others may not have a place. When you want to clean your inbox you face two options, archive or delete emails.  

Every email platform gives you different ways to manage the emails you receive. Both are aimed at cleaning up the inbox. However the difference of archive or delete emails alternative is significant. In this article we explore both options and what they do.

How to choose between delete or archive emails

Archive or delete emails in Outlook

When you archive an email, you remove it from your view. It disappears from the inbox and you have an improved organization and productivity. Only truly important emails remain visible. Those are the ones who require a response or contain important information.

Moreover, if your archive the emails you maintain a complete register of all communications with a certain account. This is extremely important when you work with email information. You can search for a specific email anytime you want or even search for topics in the text.

If you archive emails you can quickly access any data when we have doubts about the content without asking the sender again. It’s particularly useful in collaborative work environments. It’s also worth noting that the archive approach ensures that you can always access the information we may have misplaced on our hard drive or storage device.

Once the project is complete you can delete all content. This is particularly important if the mails include many attachments. In case you don’t want to delete the emails, you can also use project links to download specific files only.

Choose to archive or delete mails, when to delete

The main advantage of deleting emails is that you can clean up the inbox of not useful information. You can delete all kinds of promotional emails, offers and similar content. When you delete emails you and filter out useless information that only wastes your time and storage space.

Another advantage of deleting emails instead of archiving them is that frees the storage space immediately. Over time, the promotional emails can occupy a substantial portion of your storage space. It’s also a good feature to optimize the functioning of your account. This is especially true when you perform searches, as the number of emails to analyze is much smaller.

The deleted emails go to the trash folder and remain available for the next 30 days. You can erase it manually before that. In case you accidentally erase an email you can recover it for a month.

When to choose archive or delete emails

The use of one feature or the other depends on your likings and storage space available. In archived emails you can always check for information you forget or miss. However, if you want to maximize available free space you should delete the emails frequently. Both options are useful you should choose the one who fits you most.

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