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Nintendo denies rumors about a Switch 2 video console with dual screen

Recently, excitement was sparked by rumors that Nintendo was working on the Switch 2 with a dual screen. However, the Japanese company has categorically denied these claims.

Origin of the dual screen rumor on Nintendo Switch 2

The first clues about a possible Nintendo Switch 2 with a dual screen emerged from the disclosure of a patent that described an “interactive device with a multi-screen design.”

This device bore resemblance to a modern version of the Nintendo 3DS, offering various configurations, including a single screen, a dual screen, and even the option to split them into two independent units. The patent also included detachable controllers, which was reminiscent of the current design of the Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch dual screen

Complete denial

However, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has denied that this patent is related to the alleged Nintendo Switch 2. Furukawa stated that the patent “may not apply to any future devices.” This statement has raised uncertainty about the existence of the dual-screen console, since the company’s highest authority has ruled it out.

The controversy deepened when an FTC lawsuit involving Microsoft and Activision Blizzard came to light. In the legal documents, it was mentioned that Activision had received information from Nintendo that the alleged Nintendo Switch 2 would have similar performance to the PlayStation 4. However, Nintendo has maintained its position that it has not shared specific data about a console next generation with any company, including Activision.

What’s coming to Nintendo?

After these new events, some questions arise: what can we expect from Nintendo in the future of consoles? Is the company working on a successor to the successful Nintendo Switch? Although the details remain a mystery, there are signs that suggest that Nintendo has ambitious plans for the future.

Despite denying rumors about the Nintendo Switch 2 with dual screen, Nintendo is no stranger to introducing new features to its products. The company has surprised in the past with the launch of unique devices, such as the Wii and the original Switch. So most likely it will continue to surprise.

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