Instagram Stories removed from your main screen

Instagram removed the stories from my account. Why?

Several people face a problem with their Instagram account. You enter the app and you find the Stories from Instagram removed from the screen. If you can’t see other’s Stories, it’s also a possibility that they can’t see yours.  In case this issue has happened to you, you can restart your phone and try to solve it.

Another possibility is to reinstall the app or look for an update. Sometimes the Instagram update process doesn’t work and some features start failing. But in order to solve the problem definitely you need to find the main cause. There are numerous possibilities for Instagram removed Stories issue, and in this article we explore the most common ones.

How to fix Stories in Instagram that got removed

Why are Instagrams Stories removed and how to fix it

The different causes for Instagram Stories disappearance from your main screen also imply different solutions. In order to recover the normal functions of the app you must first understand why the problem is happening.

Servers down

This is a technical problem that you can’t fix. It means that Instagram is facing a technical problem worldwide. In this case, the Stories won’t load not even for you or any of your friends and family. Try asking other users if the app is working fine to detect the Instagram servers as the real cause of malfunction.

Internet Connection Issues

Another possibility is that your Internet connection is failing. In this case it can be a temporary issue. Maybe your Internet provider is facing problems or there are electricity issues in your town. If Instagram Stories are removed it can be because the Internet connection is not working properly and you have to wait for the problem to get fixed.

Update failure

If you recently updated the app, the software may include errors or issues related to Stories compatibility. First you can try reverting to a previous version until it’s fixed or report the problem and wait for it. If you haven’t updated the app for a while, that is also an issue. Try to always have Instagram and your phone system up to date. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app is also a good alternative to avoid any compatibility issue.

User blocked you

If you can’t see the Instagram Stories of a certain user there are two possibilities. Either they are not publishing stories recently or they have blocked you. It’s easy to confirm this with a simple check, asking another user to look for that account.

Isolated glitch

Maybe there’s a temporary glitch that Instagram will solve soon. Many users have experienced a Stories problem in Instagram that got fixed as quick as it started. If you think the glitch is taking too long you can always contact Instagram technical support for indications.

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