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Coinbase Stands Out at UK Global Investment Summit

Today, the CEO and co-founder of the digital asset platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, has landed in the United Kingdom to participate in the exclusive Global Investment Summit, organized by the British government, according to the exchange’s own statement.

This event, which brings together 200 global leaders from various industries, including financial institutions and technology companies, is the jewel in the crown that Prime Minister Sunak organizes every two years.

Themed ‘Innovation for Human Progress’, the summit will highlight British innovations in artificial intelligence, quantum technology, agritech, clean growth, advanced manufacturing, life sciences and fashion.

Coinbase as the only digital asset platform at the Global Investment Summit

In the words of Coinbase, “We are the only exclusive digital asset platform to have received an invitation, underscoring our critical role in driving cryptocurrencies globally. This opportunity not only highlights our position in the industry, but also reinforces the crucial role of cryptocurrencies in financial innovation.”

Over the past 18 months, the British government and the FCA have worked to develop welcoming regulations for the digital asset sector, leading large companies to consider investing in the UK. And we must not forget that we need regulatory frameworks that offer clarity and, at the same time, respect the fundamental benefits of cryptocurrencies: facilitating frictionless, global and inclusive financial interactions.

The interaction between new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchains, must be understood and considered in the formulation of regulations.

We understand that regulating a new technology and a new industry is not easy. It is tempting to adjust existing rules rather than create new ones, tailored to the real risks of new products and services. Inadequate rules can prevent trusted industry participants from offering beneficial products and, worse, drive customers toward less safe options.

The commitment demonstrated by the UK in attracting talent, embracing innovation and collaborating with industry to become a global hub for blockchain and fintech is evident at events such as today’s Global Investment Summit.

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