The difference between PS5 Slim and the current model.

PS5 Slim is already here, where can we buy it?

The new PS5 Slim is officially on sale. However, you won’t find any shop with available units and there’s no exact date for arrival on shelves. If you want to get a hold of the newest PS5 you will find the answer in this article. As long as Sony keeps his promise: start selling the new PS5 model when the regular PS5 stock starts to diminish.

It’s the first time in PlayStation history that Sony doesn’t reveal an exact date for the console launch. This will difficult the new PS5 sales at least at the beginning. The new PS5 version is smaller, compact and it includes more expansion possibilities.

PS5 Slim models

PS5 Slim, the no console launch

Unlike the launch of PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim and PS4 Slim, Sony doesn’t want the stores to sell off the current PS5 model because of the newest launch. That’s why they want to launch the PS5 Slim progressively when the basic PS5 starts declining on stock.

Great videogames dealers such won’t sell the PS5 Slim until they have sold the older versions of PS5 in stock. Also, Sony will start liberating the slim model when its warehouses empty. It’s a curious strategy which Sony uses to improve its earnings.

Even though we won’t see the slim console in stores this week, it’s officially launched. The USA market will show us some images of clients buying the slim model but Europe and the rest of the world are still on hold. In terms of weight, the PS5 Slim weights 700 gr. less than the current Chasis C model. If we compare the slim console with the original model of 2020 the difference increases to 1,3 kg.

When will the new console be available?

Sony hasn’t lied. They stated that slim model would arrive between the mid and end of November. But the availability will depend on the stock of older machines still on sale. If you want to change your PS4 or PS5, you will need to track stores that sell it globally or in your country.

There’s a great possibility that PS5 Slim arrives first on small stores. When the PS5 stock starts declining they will receive the new slim model. The new strategy won’t allow for a price drop on the current model so if you wanted a PS5 for less money you will still have to wait.

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