Flipper Zero adds new features to retro videogame consoles

Flipper Zero has a new goal: videogame consoles

The cybersecurity and gadget world is evolving faster thanks to Flipper Zero. The device is also known as the Tamagotchi for hackers. It is a hardware piece that influences other operative systems and it has reached Android and iOS. But the new goal for Flipper Zero is videogame consoles.

The launch of MALVEKE from youtuber Esteban Fuentealba can turn your Flipper Zero into a Nintendo Game Boy compatible device. It also signals the evolution of the device from the hacking experts to casual users. In the beginning, Flipper Zero was designed to test with different technologies like NFC, RFID and infrared signals. But now it can also be used to interact with several other devices.

Flipper Zero for videogame consoles is a fact.

The Flipper Zero for videogame consoles is a reality

Esteban Fuentealba is a computer enthusiast and Game Boy fan. He took advantage of the Flipper Zero versatility to explore the retro games consoles world. He bridged modern hacking and the retro game world with MALVEKE.

The multi tool Flipper Zero can now interact with Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges, adding new layers to the game experience. It also includes a microdriver Espressif ESP32-S2 to add WiFi connectivity, something never seen in Game Boy.

Thanks to the MALVEKE experiment the videogame consoles world can easily be the new developer`s horizon. The possibilities include reading cartridge information and dumping saved games, as well as interactive options with modern consoles.

Flipper Zero interacting with retro consoles is real

Until now, the Flipper Zero device was seen as a hacker tool for DDoS attacks in Android and Windows. But MALVEKE teaches us that there’s much more to it. The users will interact with videogames and consoles in a much broader way, hacking games and consoles to improve their features.

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