The latest Android version and its features

Check if you have the latest Android version easily

If you don’t have the latest Android version you may experience some issues with certain apps. However, it’s very simple to check if your Android version is the latest one. In this article you will learn easy methods to learn your system version. The operative system launch calendar indicates that every year we have a new Android version. It can be easy to forget some updates.

According to Google data only 1% of the Android phones have the most modern version installed. Thankfully the Smartphone not only receives updates from the operative system, but also from apps and developers. So you shouldn’t experience a lack of performance in the short run. However you should know which operative system version is the latest and include it on your devices.

How does the latest Android version looks like

Check for latest Android version very easy

The most recent Android version right now is the Android 14. It was launched on October along the new Google Pixel 8 devices. There is no other newer version not even in Beta status. The latest system beta version appeared on February 8th during the Developer Preview. It’s a good guess that Android 15 will have a similar development. So we will have Android 14 as the new version at least until February 2024. If the schedule is similar to previous years, we will have 2 newest Android versions. The Android 14 stable one and the beta Android 15.

How to check the current version?

You already know which is the latest version, how to see if you have it on your device? You must go to System Settings to see this information. The process is very similar to all Smart phones but the customization layer may differ. The most common way is:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Enter the Information section.
  3. Look for the Android version data.

If you open the system version data you may discover the security patch and the Google Play update as well as other technical information. Another trick is to press several times on the current version to unlock the developer’s menu.

In case your phone is not updated, don’t worry. Just 1% of the mobile phones have the most modern version installed. You should wait for your device to inform you of a new update available. Each developer has an Android update schedule and it can take some time to reach your device.

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