The WhatsApp MOD and the features it includes

Dangerous WhatsApp MOD steals your files

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app nowadays. That’s the main reason why you can find a WhatsApp MOD for different new features on the NET. Some of the MODs such as WhatsApp Plus bring Premium features for free, but there’s always a risk of being deceived by hackers.

Even a WhatsApp Mod as Plus can be dangerous if you don’t download it from a secure source. More importantly, there’s a MOD circulating that steals your voice messages and the multimedia files from your device. Be careful when installing WhatsApp MODs to prevent the threat.

The dangers of a WhatsApp MOD

Be aware of a dangerous WhatsApp MOD

When you install a WhatsApp MOD you are looking for new features. Most of the time these are feature that official WhatsApp doesn’t include yet. But hackers are very clever and clone these apps to deceive the user and start stealing their accounts. The objective is to steal personal information and files without the users to notice on time. The WhatsApp MOD is circulating on Telegram channels and it promises a better user experience. However, it’s exactly the opposite.

Kaspersky cybersecurity company warned the Android community about this modification. It has been already downloaded 340.000 times and it steals the personal information of the user. Just in October the MOD reached 340.000 downloads according to Telegram. The APK is viral and it can infect your devices.

The Kaspersky communicate points towards third party messaging apps and the dangers for the operative system and devices. The recommendation is to use trustworthy security solutions and protect the phone. They also invite the users to update apps from the official store or web page. Avoiding external stores is important to prevent any infection.

What information does the

? It uses an unofficial module to steal the IMEI, phone number, contact and multimedia files. The refresh rate is up to five minutes. If you still want to download a MOD you should run the APK through an antivirus before installing it.

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