Get a better WiFi connection experience

Get a better WiFi connection by moving a few centimeters

A bad WiFi connection at home is pretty common. You may notice that the signal is not reaching certain places or some devices don’t connect at all. To get a better WiFi connection you can follow certain steps to improve the signal quality. This article explains some of the most useful ones and how to increase the WiFi connection at home or in the office.

There are several factors that influence the WiFi connection and a better service. For example, you can perceive interferences, network saturation and there’s also the distance between the router and the device. All of this gives you a different result when connecting to the Internet. And the craziest thing is that by moving a few centimeters you can sometimes improve the connectivity.

Improve your WiFi internet connection

Change your location, get a better WiFi connection

Do you need to change your location a lot in order to improve Internet? The answer is no. You simply need to move a few centimeters to start noticing a better performance. When you move you can receive the signal from a better spot, or you can even avoid interferences. It’s very common to detect that certain parts of the room receive a better WiFi connection. The web pages open faster and you can even watch your videos from TikTok with no skips.

There are different reasons for this. The most common one is that you are in a zone with certain signal blockages. Maybe there are metal things around or an appliance causing interferences. A lot of devices use the 2,4 GHz frequency of the router. A Bluetooth device like a pair of headphones or a remote control can influence negatively on the WiFi connection.

In order to get a better WiFi connection you can use the set of antennas of your WiFi PCIe card. Plug it into the RP-SMA connectors of the card and you can increase the range. The signal reception improves and you will experience a faster WiFi connection. If your model comes with an external base for the antennas, use it to expand the range with less interferences. Try putting the base a little higher to reach even further.  Every time you buy a WiFi PCIe card try using the antenna’s base that comes with your model or buy one. ASUS for example is one of the router manufacturers that also designs external bases.

Antenna base compatibility

To avoid problems you should always use the own WiFi PCI-e card base. Some antennas don’t work with other models. The ASUS PCE-AXE5400 for example, doesn’t include an antenna base and the chipset has no heat dissipater. The top tier model ASUS PCE-AXE59BT has an antenna base and the heat dissipater helps you to keep high temperatures at bay. The price difference is of 15 €.

Is it worthy to pay more for an antenna base and the heat dissipater? It depends. If your computer is close to the router you won’t feel a great difference. However, if the router is far away and you have obstacles the signal may improve significantly.

Other alternatives to get a better WiFi connection

If you changed the router location but the PC or other devices still work with issues, you should look for other alternatives. First, try connecting the Internet wire. Maybe the access point is too far away for the signal to reach properly. Try using an Ethernet cable to improve the net quality.

You can also try installing a device to improve the network quality. The most popular options include Mesh systems, repeaters or PLC devices. All of them have unique features to help you improve the Internet quality. Some of the most modern devices incorporate mixed features like a repeater for Mesh networks or PLC devices that let you create a Mesh net.

Another option is to turn off the device creating the issue. If you have a Bluetooth or remote controller interfering, you can disconnect it from the 2,4 GHz frequency and see if the connection improves. Sometimes deactivating devices isa ll you need to improve your WiFi quality. Just by moving a few centimeters away can make your WiFi connection better. But it’s always a different setting according to the space and the router you have. Just arm yourself with patience.

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