Best options for Flipper Zero

11 legal uses of Flipper Zero, it’s more than a Tamagotchi for hackers

If you like to tinker and already have experience with Raspberry Pi or Arduino, the Flipper Zero is surely on your radar. It’s a sort of Swiss knife for the geeks. In TikTok you can find thousands of videos showing what you can do with it.

Some of the applications are clearly illegal, as the viral that shows price hacking on a gas station or opening a BMW. However, it’s important to pinpoint that the Flipper Zero device is not illegal. It all depends on the use you give to it. Flipper Zero also doesn’t works miracles. But it’s an Open Source project with great connectivity that opens the door to a long list of apps.

Best Flipper Zero features

The main features of Flipper Zero

The small device it’s a kind of hub for several interactions. It includes a monochrome LCD 1,4 inches screen with 128×64 pixels resolution, a pad and a couple of physical buttons for control. The connectivity features are more than enough, including a USB-C port, microSD slot, GPIO pins for external modules as well as Bluetooth and infrared connection. Inside the casing you find the electronic schems and the Open Source software. In terms of power, it uses a Texas Instruments CC1101 and the STM32WB55 dual-core microdriver with 1 MB of Flash memory integrated. The battery lasts up to one week with no charging.

What can you do with Flipper Zero?

Besides tinkering with Flipper Zero, the software and connectivity of the device allow you to emulate, receive and broadcast different signals to other devices. It’s a very useful weapon for hackers but it’s also a great gadget for makers. There are several DIY projects that can make the most out of its connections.

Universal remote control

The infrared sensors let Flipper Zero interct with different devices from a Smart TV to a projector or a music player or the air conditioner.

PC remote control

You can also remotely control your PC via USB connection and a Smartphone or a Steam Deck device. Another alternative is to connect a PC and give orders from the distance.

Access card

The Flipper model includes a 125 kHz RFID antenna. It can read proximity cards, save and emulate them. You can clone or share the card.

NFC label from the Flipper Zero

Similar to the access card use, you can read, write, save and emulate NFC cards. This is a very popular technology that’s present in cards and keys for hotel rooms or barriers, for example.

Check your car key

Using the wireless sub-1 GHz antenna you can receive the signals from a car key. And you can reproduce it only if your car is old. You can check its working and the battery status.

Scan the environment with Flipper Zero

Thanks to its connectivity and capacity for signals, Flipper Zero can load a GitHub software that reads frequencies all around.


The DIY GitHub proyect includes a software to scan environmental light levels. You will also need other sensors like a BH1750 or a PCB.

Flipper Zero Metronome

Another GitHub proyect to turn your Flipper Zero into a metronome. Then you can measure the tempo of musical pieces.

Guitar tuner

Tune your guitar with this useful device.. It’s a great tool to keep all your instruments in good shape.


If you want to turn your device into a sonar and explore the deeps and distances of objects, you can do it.

Play Doom in Flipper Zero

Nowadays you can play Doom on almost anything. The Tamagotchi for hackers is not an exception. Just download the GitHub package to start killing demons on your device.

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