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Is your new headphones not sounding as you expected in Apple Music? Reason and solution

Improve sound quality in Apple Music.

Did you just buy Apple or Beats headphones and they don’t sound the way you thought? Before you return them, let me explain that it is probably not a problem with your new headphones, but with Apple Music.

In 2021, Apple Music introduced two new formats: Dolby Atmos Music and lossless audio. While it sounds great, there’s a small detail: these formats are handled differently depending on whether you use Apple or Beats products.

If your headphones/earphones don’t have the Apple H2 chip, like the Beats Studio Pro or Apple AirPods Pro, you may not be getting the most sound if you don’t adjust the settings.

How to fix the sound in Apple Music?

  1. Adjust Dolby Atmos settings

Dolby Atmos Music is an audio format that creates a more immersive and spatial sound experience. Instead of sounding like it’s coming from a specific point, it feels like the sound is surrounding you in 360 degrees.

However, as mentioned above, if your headphones do not support the Apple H2 chip, you may not be taking advantage of the Dolby Atmos Music format in Apple Music by default.

To fix this, go to Apple Music settings on your device iOS. Then look for the Dolby Atmos option and change its setting to “Always on.”

This will enable music playback in Dolby Atmos format whenever available, regardless of the type of headphones you are using.

  1. Activate Sound Check in Apple Music

Sound Check is an Apple Music feature that automatically adjusts the volume of tracks so they have a more consistent sound level.

However, when listening to a mix of tracks in different formats (such as Dolby Atmos and stereo), you may notice a noticeable variation in volume levels.

To fix it, go to Apple Music settings -> Music -> activate the Sound Check option.

This will normalize the volume of the tracks, reducing volume differences between songs.

But keep in mind that Sound Check may have different results depending on the device and playback method (such as wireless headphones, Apple AirPlay, or Apple CarPlay).

Finally, if by applying these solutions you do not notice an improvement in the sound quality of your music in Apple Music, making the most of your new Apple or Beats headphones, you could completely disable the Dolby Atmos option.

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