iPhone 14 comparison the Pro Max VS Plus model

Apple decided to eliminate the mini model for the iPhone 14 generation. However there are still 4 devices to choose from the iPhone 14 model. The iPhone 14 Plus is a smartphone with huge screen and more affordable. The comparison between the iPhone 14 Plus and the Pro Max involves all the features from each phone.

We compare price and technical features to describe both models for you to choose the most appropriate for you. Are there really so much difference between them? What does explain the price jump?

Comparison of the iPhone 14 Pro Max model

Technical comparison of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Plus models

The new iPhone 14 Pro Max changes the renowned notch that Apple has used since iPhone X. The new notch is called Dynamic Island and changes according to alerts, notifications and activities. The iPhone 14 Plus keeps the classic notch, in a design decision to differentiate the Pro Max model from the basic ones.

The screen panel is another relevant difference in both models. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has an update rate of 1 to 120 Hz. This allows the device to adapt to each situation. In comparison, the iPhone 14 Plus keeps the 60 Hz rate all the time.

In terms of processor capacity, the Pro Max model uses the A16 Bionic whereas the iPhone 14 Plus uses the older A15 Bionic. The difference in daily use is not easy noticeable, but it’s a way to differentiate the new generation top models.

Batteries and cameras

In terms of cameras, the iPhone Pro Max introduces a 48 MP wide angle. You can obtain 12 MP photos by pixel grouping by default. The idea is for photos not to occupy so much space. You can set up the 42 MP images easily thanks to the configuration app.

When talking about autonomy, the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max share a similar battery. However, thanks to optimization the iPhone 14 Pro Max reaches 29 hours of multimedia playing in comparison to the 26 hours of the Plus model.

Price and final decision: which iPhone 14 to buy?

In comparison with the older generation, the iPhone 14 is more expensive. The iPhone 14 Plus starts in 1159 euros and the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts in 1469 euros. They are not cheap devices. So, how to choose between them.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most interesting and also expensive model in this comparison. It has an adaptive refresh rate screen, 48 MP camera,29 hours autonomy and the Dynamic Island notch. However, it is really expensive.

If you are looking for a big screen iPhone but do not care for the rest of the features. The iPhone 14 Plus is a great alternative. The 6,7 inches screen is awesome and you can save up to 400 euros.

The iPhone 14 generation is just starting. The Pro and Pro Max models do not have lots of innovations yet, but the price is really expensive. At the end of the day, if you can spend the money, the Pro Max is the best option to enjoy the iPhone 14 full experience. But you can save some money and buy an iPhone 14 Plus with a big screen.

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