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OpenAI’s GPT Store unleashes custom chatbots for every need

OpenAI, which already had us accustomed to surprises, has just launched its GPT Store online store, where you can find personalized chatbots, as well as allowing you to create your own chatbots.

With which, you can find customized versions of the famous ChatGPT chatbot. Imagine being able to have a ChatGPT that teaches you mathematics or creates programming codes for you. It’s like having a personalized assistant for whatever you need.

Best of all, users can upload their own chatbots and make them public to share. And not only that, over time, you can even earn money with your creations, in the style of the Apple or Google application stores.

Para crear tu propio chatbot personalizado, basta con acceder a la tienda de GPT Store y hacer clic en el botón superior-derecha que pone “Crear un GPT”.

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The GPT Store is like a showcase for the latest in chatbots. You can browse, see the most popular ones and search by categories. There are already 3 million chatbots created, and that is just beginning.

Obviously, as expected, the GPT Store is only available to users who pay a subscription.

So you have the option to pay $20/month for a ChatGPT Plus subscription or pay for an enterprise subscription. In the latter, OpenAI also launched a paid tier for small businesses, at just $25 per month per user.

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The company plans to release new GPTs weekly. At launch, some quite useful ones already stood out, such as one from Canva for designing graphic materials and another that recommends hiking routes.

It must be taken into account that at this time the GPT store, as well as the use of personalized chatbots, are suffering from overload and you may have a problem using it.

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