Google real time location newest feature

Google includes the real time location feature like WhatsApp

Google is working to improve several apps and functions that provide services to users around the world. For example, Google Keep is preparing itself to become the default app for notes, and the interface and functions will also improve. There’s also a new function in Conctacts that will let you share your real time location like you do in WhatsApp.

The new Contacts feature will add birthday reminders, ringtone assignation and the new real time location sharing option. This last feature is pretty similar to that one of WhatsApp. The calendar features of Contacts are still improving but Google is making it clear. It wants the users to rely on it.

How does Google real time location works in Contacts?

Share your real time location like in WhatsApp from Google

Google wants the users to make the most out of Contacts app. At the beginning of 2023 the first announcements of Contacts improvements were announced. The real time location sharing is still absent, but the users are still waiting for it. Android Police indicates that Contacts app update is coming. The interface design is ready and we can take a peek on the new app graphic design.

The Android 14 update is arriving to several devices with the newest feature activated. We already know how it works. You need a contact with Gmail account assigned. Then you can choose the sharing location option and control it from a screen module. When you click on the map Google Maps opens and you can follow each contact directly.

You can use the popular map app to follow our contacts or set notifications when he or she is nearby. Contacts is the default app in Google Pixel models and there is also work with other companies to incorporate it. It’s a great app to synch contacts fast and easy.

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