How to create a Youtube playlist easily

Create a YouTube playlist and open your favorite videos faster

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. You can watch millions of videos of several topics. In order to open your favorite videos faster you can create a YouTube playlist and start adding what you like. The Google platform includes a search system through the use f key words. You can input certain words and YouTube will show you the most popular videos from the database.

When you use YouTube you can play millions of videos for free, and you only need to endure some advertisements now and then. However, the best part is the customization methods. You can create a YouTube playlist and include your favorite videos to play them faster.

How to choose and create your own YouTube playlist

How to create a YouTube playlist with favorite videos

In order to create your own YouTube playlist and add favorite videos you first have to open any video you like. Once the video starts playing, go to the bottom right and press the three dots button. Select the Save option and you will see different options. You need to select the inferior one that says Create a playlist.

Then you need to choose the name for the playlist and set it Private, Hidden or Public. Press the Create button to finish the creation process. Then you need to add other videos and you will be able to reproduce the videos one after the other in the order you prefer.  All the lists you create can be found on the left side of the screen. With just a few mouse clicks you can access the different lists and play your favorite videos selected trough different features.

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