How to choose between Gmail and Outlook e-mail service

Gmail vs. Outlook main differences and how to choose the best e-mail service

There are different services and online platforms to manage e-mail. Gmail and Outlook are two of the most popular alternatives of mail service, and we explore the main differences as well as strong points of each. Although social networks and instant messaging replace most of their features, e-mail is still popular for personal and work tasks.

Both e-mail services are very useful and display thousands of users daily. Another point in common is that Gmail and Outlook e-mail service can be open on PC or Android alike.  The company behind Gmail is Google, whereas Outlook is Microsoft’s official mail tool. In this article we explore the main differences and how to choose the best platform according to your needs.

The Outlook interface and how it works

User interface in Gmail and Outlook e-mail service

The user interface is very important because it dictates how you interact with the platform. Outlook has been around for several years and the original aspect is more or less the same. The recent changes are interesting but the main user experience remains unchanged. On Gmail we experience a more modern user interface as well as simpler. The design is minimalist and there are several customization options available.

Which e-mail platform is easier?

In terms of difficulty for the user, Gmail is pretty much easier than Outlook. The experience is more intuitive in Gmail because the platform arrives when e-mail use is well established. On the contrary, Outlook has always been a pioneer.

App compatibility

Nowadays a good mail service requires good compatibility with other apps. Both platforms are very complete in this matter. Gmail allows you to coordinate actions with Drive, Calendar, Maps, Photos and many more Google apps. But Outlook doesn’t stay behind. You can synch your electronic mail account with other tools like Skype, Teams, OneDrive and Microsoft Office tools.

Message search in Outlook or Gmail mail service

Gmail wins over Outlook in terms of search experience. The Google platform lets you search content using keywords, but in Outlook the results are not as precise. The search bar tool in Gmail can identify keywords and shows you more specific results.

Security measures in mail service like Gmail or Outlook

Both platforms take security as a serious matter. They analyze each message in search of viruses and malwares and you can also set special barriers to avoid suspicious content. Microsoft includes an option called Safelinks that indicates you which links seems suspicious in the body of an e-mail.

Storage space

Both e-mail services offer a free version with 15 GB of storage space. The winner in this aspect is Outlook because the 15 GB are exclusive for the mail platform. In the case of Google, you have to share the 15 GB with other apps like Photos, Drive and you have less space for your email attachments.

Which electronic mail service is better?

The answer is very personal. Gmail wins on different aspects, but there are users who still prefer Outlook because it’s a classic. At the end of the day you need to choose the service that helps your own productivity. Both Gmail and Outlook are solid, trustworthy and fast.

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