Instagram hidden function steps

Hidden Instagram function to upload photos and videos in high quality

Instagram is one of the most important and visual centered social networks nowadays. The multimedia content is the key of the social network success and you can improve the general quality with an easy trick. There’s a hidden function in Instagram to upload all your videos and photos in high quality.

Usually, when you upload a video or photo to Instagram it may seem blurry because the app reduces the size to save space. But there’s also an option to set your Instagram account in mobile phones and upload images and videos in high quality. That way you won’t lose followers and your account will always look good.

Upload your photos and videos at highest quality

The hidden function to upload photos and videos in high quality

If you upload a photo or video in high quality to your Instagram account but looks blurry, you need to set a hidden feature on. The social network reduces the quality of videos and photos to save space, but you can ignore this feature manually. The save space feature is also used to improve play speed for users. A lesser quality photo or video loads faster when you are connected to the Internet through mobile photo data.

However, if you want your multimedia files to upload in their original high quality, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open your Profile photo on Instagram.
  2. Select Settings and privacy from the main menu.
  3. In Data usage and multimedia files quality you need to activate the switch for Upload at highest quality.

Using this hidden function in Instagram you will upload all your photos and videos directly in high quality. You won’t see blurry borders or any other defects.

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