The Microsoft Copilot AI app

Microsoft integrates Android apps with ChatGPT

Microsoft wants ChatGPT and generative AI in all kind of apps. Recently, the Redmond company has included ChatGPT in 7 Android app and other beta versions. Copilot is the successor of Bing Chat but it is also integrated into Microsoft keyboard, launcher and even the Skype app.

In this article we explore which Microsoft Android apps use ChatGPT and how to make the most out of them. From creating different art pieces to manage your device, calendar or activities through an intelligent assistant.

How does Microsoft apps in Android introduce ChatGPT features like Copilot

Microsoft Copilot integrates ChatGPT into Android apps

The newest generative AI app works as a complete assistant for your Smartphone. It’s the seventh app that includes ChatGPT AI features and it works as a real copilot for your device. The interface is pretty simple, you only have the chat window and you can directly talk with the Copilot.

Microsoft Bing

Another option is the web browser Microsoft Bing. It’s one of the first apps that include AI in the Microsoft environment. You can use it without changing your regular web browser. The central button includes the AI option but it also works as a browser to search for your latest news easily.

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge Android app lets the user experience the official navigation solution of Microsoft. The AI button is at the bottom of the interface and you can activate it with a simple touch.

Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft Launcher also includes ChatGPT like features. There are several ways to communicate with Copilot from the launcher. You can use the search bar or even the app box button.


The AI integration with Skype is a little far-fetched. The Copilot features are integrated through a Bing chat. It can be seen along the rest of the chats. You can even mention @bing to obtain group answers. There’s also a list of suggestions to ask Bing about in the following categories:

  • Education.
  • Social networks.
  • Creativity.
  • Entertainment.


The Microsoft keyboard Android app SwiftKey runs Copilot features. In the upper bar you will find a Copilot button. You can use it to search in Bing, to change the message ringtone, chat with ChatGPT or write a new text.

Microsoft Start

This is the hardest to explain Microsoft app. The main objective is to compete with Google’s Discover, showing lots of news, weather information and app recommendations in the same screen. There’s also the Copilot button to ask the AI for help and certain voice commands.

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