How to know the exact date of your Facebook account

Check the exact date of your Facebook account creation

Maybe you have been using your Facebook account for a long time and you don’t know the exact day of origin. There’s an easy way to check on Meta which is the date you started using Facebook. If you have tons of friends in Facebook but you don’t remember when you added them, it’s good to know the origins of your Facebook account.

From the web version of Facebook you can easily check the exact date of Facebook account creation. You only need to follow some simple steps in order to activate the information screen.

Steps to check the exact date of Facebook account creation

Facebook origins

First of all you need to log in your Facebook account. Introduce your user and password and then click on your profile icon. Then you have to select Settings – Privacy configuration on the contextual menu. There will appear a left panel with several categories and options to set your account. Click on Account Center and the following section you need to open is Personal information and permissions.

In the right screen you will click on the option Personal information and you will see different data about your account. The first data on the left column is the exact date when you opened the Facebook account. You can use it to deeply understand how you have contacted different users and the way your account established on the social network environment. It’s not a very useful data but you can have it in mind whenever you need it.

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