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Three relatively unknown IPTV apps to watch movies

Today is very common to watch TV from the phone. You don’t need antenna cable to follow your favorite programs online. However, selecting each channel individually may be a little tedious. But there’s a solution thanks to some of the unknown IPTV apps we present in this article.

There are several IPTV apps that have become famous around the world. Names such as Kodi, VLC or Wiseplay let you watch all types of TV channels around the world. What you need to obtain is a code for the channel list. With apps like Fivelisty you can download the codes for each country in just a few seconds. In this article we explore 3 relatively unknown IPTV apps you can use to watch movies online and TV in just a few steps.

The unknown IPTV apps you can use

Xtream IPTV the unknown app to watch your movies

Xtream IPTV is one of the most complete IPTV apps right now. You can use it to create different profiles and save content separately. You can even create a wish list without interrupting other user in the same device.

Along the unknown IPTV apps to watch movies, it highlights because of the multiscreen function. You can watch TV while answering WhatsApp messages or use subtitles in different languages.  The app is compatible with M3U list format for IPTV.


This app introduces a very flashy and intuitive user interface. It’s one of the easiest apps to start watching TV or movies from the television channels. You just need to open the app, press the Add button and introduce the IPTV list link. From that moment you can access a great variety of television channels.

You can also save your favorite channels for quick access and set different lists. The app is compatible with Chromecast and you can send information to the device. Unlike other apps, with Dimplay the compatibility is free and it works smoothly.


The last unknown IPTV app to watch movies and TV is called MyTVOnline+. The user interface is very neat, showing covers for each channel and movie you have watched recently. The Premium version gives you access to all the perks. It allows you to block certain channels and hide categories to avoid any unsuitable content.

Be aware that the IPTV channels may stop working suddenly. In that case you have to search for a new list provider.

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