Install games on ASUS ROG Ally

How to install games on the ASUS ROG Ally SD

The ASUS ROG Ally is 512 GB portable game device where you can install lots of games. However, newest games are heavy and you may want to use a SD card to increase your storage capability. In this article you will learn how to install games on the ASUS ROG Ally SD to improve the performance in general.

In order to install videogames on your ASUS ROG Ally SD you need to follow a set of steps. It’s not that hard but you should follow them to avoid any mistake.

Install games on ASUS ROG Ally SD card

Steps to install games on ASUS ROG Ally SD card

At first it may seem tedious to install manually a videogame in a portable console. However, it’s necessary to make the most out of your newest ASUS ROG Ally. On the other hand, the console works with Windows 11 so the process is very easy to follow. It’s just like changing a game disc in a desktop computer.

First you need to introduce a microSD card on the correspondent slot. It`s located on the upper left part of the console. The file explorer app will open and you need to hold the new volume on the file tree. Select Format on the drop-down menu and press the NTFS option. Choose the name for the new volume and start the formatting process. Once the process is over you can move your videogames directly and install games on ASUS ROG Ally SD card in just a few seconds.

Install games from different launchers

If you install a SD card, the next step is to order the launchers to change the destination folder for new games. This process it’s not difficult but you have to do it manually on each launcher platform. We explain you how to do it with each one of them.


You have to introduce the SD card as a new media to download games. On the Steam app press the upper left button and select the Parameters – Storage section.  There you can add a new unit to identify your SD card and the new storage media will appear on the list when Steam asks you to install a game.


The Xbox app is even easier. It can detect the new volume automatically. Then you will be asked where to install any new title.

Epic Games

The Epic Games app also identifies new volumes immediately. The only difference is the Explore button that you will press to create a new folder to install new games.


The game developer EA also has a videogame launcher app and it recognizes new storage devices automatically. You just press the Download button for a game and select the installation destiny. Press the Change button to select the microSD card and you’re ready.

Ubisoft Connect

To install games from Ubisoft Connect on the ASUS ROG Ally SD you just need to choose the title, select the language and change the destination volume.

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