How to prevent Discord shutting down

Discord keeps shutting down

Discord is an app for multiplayer videogames to communicate online. In times where a few games included voice chats, the app became the most popular because of the great audio quality. Nowadays, most of the games include voice chat support but Discord is still the most popular app. However sometimes Discord starts failing and keeps shutting down. Do not despair, there are some tips to try and solve this situation.

The Discord environment is chosen by several players to reunite all their friends in the same interface. Then you can see which game they are playing and create a group chat with all of them. There are numerous options to make the most out of Discord but if the app keeps shutting down you can try the trick in this article.

Discord shutting down issues

Discord shutting down and the numerous reasons behind it

The Discord platform has a lot of options but it also means that the possibilities of shutting down are also high. The explanation is pretty simple: the app must work with different computer settings at the same time and the connection or data transfer may get lost. In order to solve common Discord problems you should try some of these recommendations:

Start Windows in Safe Mode

When you start Windows in Safe Mode the operating system only loads the most important drivers for the computer to work. This allows you to find which app or component is creating performance issues. If Discord keeps shutting down, open Safe Mode and look for Windows problems or Discord software issues. If Discord opens normally in Safe Mode, you should look for new drivers for audio and webcam components. The best solution is updating manually the drivers.

Disable hardware acceleration

Not all computers work properly with hardware acceleration settings. If you can’t disable Discord hardware acceleration manually, try opening the app in Safe Mode and disabling the feature. In order to disable hardware acceleration you have to enter Advanced Mode from the cogwheel icon. Once the hardware acceleration is disabled you should restart the computer for the setting to work.

Update Windows to prevent Discord shutting down

As with other apps, Discord updates itself automatically. Sometimes, if the app starts working incorrectly you must check if Windows operating system has a new update pack. Windows´ updates fix some compatibility issues regarding certain apps and it may be the solution for your Discord session.

Use the Discord web version

In case none of the other solutions work, you can try using the Discord web version. This version gives you the same quality and features of the desktop app but directly from the Discord server. You won’t need to install any software to your computer.

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