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Green bet: 🌱🚗 Uber launches new function ‘Emission Savings’

With more and more alerts about environmental problems, Uber has added a new feature to its application with the aim of promoting more sustainable transportation among its customers. This Uber feature, called “Emission Savings”, allows travelers to calculate the positive result generated by choosing electric and hybrid cars, such as Uber Green or Uber Comfort Electric.

This tool shows the carbon dioxide emissions avoided thanks to the choice of less polluting means of transport, as well as a graph to illustrate the meaning of these savings for the environment.

At the same time, Uber has said that it intends to add more options to this feature, such as UberX Share and the use of electric bicycles and scooters.

uber emissions savings
Source: Axios

As reported in its latest report on performance and climate assessment, Uber has managed to double the number of zero-emission vehicles in the United States, Canada and Europe, reaching 74,000. Even so, these types of greener trips only represent 6.5% of the total in North America.

At the moment, Uber is accelerating its transition towards a fleet dominated by electric and hybrid vehicles, and the next goal is to become a completely emissions-free platform in the United States, Canada and certain European cities by 2030.

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