The dry eye syndrome because of screen exposition

The dry eye syndrome because of screen exposition

Nowadays, lots of workers spend almost half a day watching a screen. There are also people that spend even more time in front of a computer, laptop, mobile phone or television screen.  As you take care of your posture, you should also protect your eyes from the dry eye syndrome that affects most of technology device users.

In a regular day, you should blink almost 22 times a minute. But when focusing on the screen the blink reduces to 7. This is a problem for your eyeballs humidity. If you have the dry eye syndrome you will start itching and you can even feel other nuisances.

Dry eye syndrome and visual health

How to avoid the dry eye syndrome

Taking care of your visual health is very important for a good quality life. The dry eye syndrome is an illness that affects men and women alike. According to doctors and health professionals in Spain, it affects more than 5 million people. It is considered as one of the most recurrent chronic diseases in visual health.

If you spend much time in front of the screen, you will probably experience dry eye syndrome sometime. The tear production is heavily reduced by this health condition. In order to reduce the symptoms you can use tear drops as well as take breaks of 20 or 30 minutes after some time. When you are resting, you shouldn’t watch a screen for a while. All the light and brightness of your screen affects your eyes and may end up generating the dry eye syndrome.

Nowadays there are several jobs that require people to spend hours in front of a computer screen. If you sum up the hours watching TV or playing videogames or using the mobile phone, your eyesight might hurt. So take care of your eyesight, use eye drops and rest after some hours in front of the screen.

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