WiFi devices at home

WiFi may stop working if you turn these devices on

The WiFi network can be easily affected by home appliances and other elements. The signal may not work properly but you can experience less speed or micro cuts because of devices that interrupt the signal.  We explore which are the devices that may block your WiFi signal and how to prevent problems.

You need to take into account that WiFi connection and interrupting devices may not always occur. There are certain circumstances that enhance the possibilities of experiencing issues, but some other times you may turn on a device and the connection will work properly. If you detect that turning on a device worsens your WiFi connection, you should work on it.

The devices that may interfere with your WiFi connection

Which devices may affect your WiFi

The WiFi connection may be affected by distance and other obstacles according to the physical connection of the router and the mobile device. But there are also other devices that influence the signal quality and reach. For example:

Bluetooth devices

Some Bluetooth devices work on the 2.4 GHz frequency and they can generate conflicts with your WiFi. If you connect a Bluetooth device near the router you may experience problems.

Home appliances

The microwave oven uses the 2.4 GHz frequency and may interfere with your Wi-Fi connection. If the router is in the kitchen, you may notice that using the microwave oven affects your speed or connection quality.

USB devices

It’s not that usual but some USB devices may interfere with the Internet connection through WiFi network. This happens when the USB connection is too close to the router. It’s usual for USB 3.0 devices to generate this kind of interference.

Another WiFi network

When another wireless network starts running nearby, you may also experience problems. This is because there are several devices and routers using the 2.4 GHz frequency. The best solution is to search for a new channel. One that is not saturated.

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