Google Wallet surrenders to PKPASS files

Open PKPASS files with Google Wallet

Google includes one of the most popular requests of users: compatibility with Apple PKPASS in Google Wallet. The digital pay service of Google now supports the Apple PKPASS files. This digital format is originally from Apple and it lets the user incorporate all kind of cards. Nowadays the PKPASS is almost standard but Google Wallet didn’t read it properly.

The PKPASS can be used for boarding passes, COVID passports and similar. Until now, Android users had to download a third party app to read them, but the digital wallet update includes reading support for PKPASS files directly from the digital wallet.

Google Wallet surrenders to PKPASS files

The PKPASS file weights no more than a ZIP file for a boarding pass or loyalty cards. Apple created the standard and at first it wasn’t open. As time went by, it became a default format to use and share different types of cards. On the other hand, Google opted for an API solution that you could embed in a web, app, SMS or e-mail. The experience was inconvenient and after sometime, Google surrenders and it now accepts PKPASS files.

The new digital wallet update allows the user to open PKPASS files automatically and without installing any other app. For example, if a PKPASS arrives on your mail account you can open it with Google Wallet with just a click.

The Google digital wallet import feature for PKPASS files is very easy to use. You just need to press the Continue button, check the data and press the Add option. In case you receive a boarding pass or loyalty card compatible with Google Wallet or the Apple pass format, in Android is still recommendable to open the proprietary file.

For the rest of the features, the process is extremely easy and you will have your boarding pass or other cards directly saved on your pass list in Google Wallet. You will identify each card because of its logo, name and additional information. It can even include possible QR code or bar code.

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