Compare different countries passports with Henley Passport Index

Which passports open more doors for you with the Henley Passport Index

If you want to learn about geography and curiosities all around the world, you need to check the Henley Passport Index web. It includes 199 countries all around the world and 227 destinies and the information is from 20 years back until today.

It’s a website that uses data from the International Air Transport Association which the authorities have been collecting from 20 years back. It’s updated monthly and the developers indicate that it’s a standard reference from travelers all around the globe. The data from the Henley Passport Index helps you to evaluate and determine which passport is better in the world mobility specter.

The Henley Passport Index comparisons

How to make use of the Henley Passport Index

You can use the information in the index to compare which passports open more doors for you around the world. It’s also educational as you can learn why some people travel by sea instead of air. Depending on your passport you may need a special visa for certain countries. In the history aspect, you can see how different passports have evolved along the years.

The current situation of your passport

There is a special section in the website called My Passport. In that bar you can see the name of your country or any other of your interest. If you’re from Spain, for example, you can travel to 194 countries without the need of any visa at all. It’s the first country in the list.

The historical record shows how each country passport reduced or increased the number of available countries through the years. The map is a very useful and illustrative tool. It shows you which countries let you enter with the passport only, and where do you need a special visa. You only need to select your passport country and the destination to see which documents you need to enter.

The information is also available for download, to have it on PDF on your mobile device, for example. In case you are a curious person, you can learn geography and make comparative charts with important information. Pick different passports and compare how they rank in the Henley Passport Index.

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