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Which app is better for dating Bumble or Meetic?

Nowadays dating apps are a great tool to meet new people and start a relationship. There are numerous alternatives and you have different dating app to choose from, like Bumble or Meetic. Both are listed as very effective platforms but there are important differences between them. Bumble is a free platform whereas Meetic introduces Premium features to increase your possibilities of a date.

Answering which dating app is better between Bumble or Meetic is not an easy task. However there are interesting features we can explore in both services and you can determine which app gives you what you are looking for.

Bumble dating app and comparison with Meetic

Bumble dating app vs. Meetic platform

Bumble is a dating app primarily focused on women empowerment. The girls are who take the first step, starting a conversation with men or women they are interested in. There are pros and cons with this app. On the pros side you have a completely free app with optional Premium features. The user interface is very intuitive and women have control over interactions.

On the cons side you will find some superficial matches and limited messages in free matches. There’s also a great user database and being free makes it the first option of people looking for casual entertainment. In case you are into this kind of meetings, Bumble is a great opportunity.

The dating app comparison between Meetic and Bumble reaches a new level when we explore Meetic features. It’s a Premium app developed for serious relationships. It includes an advanced search tool as well as filters for compatibility coincidences. The platform is paid so all the users are committed to look for a serious couple or dating experience.

The main pros include the focus on serious relationships and the events and calendar activities to get to know people personally. On the cons side you have to pay the subscription fee in order to use Premium features. The user interface is a little more complex and there are less users when comparing to Bumble, Tinder and other dating solutions.

Which dating app is better between Bumble or Meetic?

The real answer is totally subjective. In case you are looking to try a dating app, you should download and try Bumble for free. But if you are looking for a serious relationship, you may have better luck with Meetic. As you have to pay for a subscription, you will find other users with the same commitment in the latter app.

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