How to prevent Android phone heat problems

Prevent your Android phone from breaking because of the heat

There are numerous reasons why an Android phone gets affected by heat. However, there are also various solutions to prevent a definitive break. Most of them can be done without harming the device or damaging the battery. There are also faster ways but they will end up breaking your phone in the long run.

It’s very important to note that every Smartphone heats because of different causes. For example, when you are charging it or running a videogame. The key element to prevent permanent damage is dissipating the heat. If your device gets heat the performance level may be severely affected.

Heat issues in Android phone

How to avoid heat on your Android phone

It’s inevitable that your Android phone gets heat when used. It’s like a television or a computer when you turn it on. As time goes by every electronic devices rises temperature. What you need to check is that the level is not extreme. So you need to know the steps to return the device to the natural temperature to avoid any danger for the battery or even burns for the user.

Turn of the 5G connection

One of the features that consumes battery the most is the 5G network connection. The mobile is always looking for a 5G network to connect. In summer this may affect the regular performance of your device. In order to turn off the 5G feature you have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Mobile network.
  3. Press your SIM card and search for Preferred network type.
  4. Choose one with no 5G.

Unplug your Android phone to avoid heat

When charging your Android phone there are different factors that may cause an overheating. Take a look to the charge wire, the plug adapter and the electric network to avoid any surprise. A plugged phone gets heat but not in excess.

Remove it from sunlight

The sunlight heats almost any element. But an Android phone exposed to solar light is not a smart choice. You may damage the battery. Always check that your phone is out of range from the Sun.

Turn the phone off and let it rest

The best solution when you don’t find the reason for overheating, is turning the phone off. Avoid heat on your Android phone by turning it off for a while. You will prevent a headache if the break is permanent by just stopping use for some hours.

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