How to solve launch problems in Fallout 4 for PS5

Fallout 4 doesn’t launch in your PS5 and how to solve it

The success of Amazon Prime Video Fallout based series is breaking records. It’s one of the most watched series in Amazon but it’s also a success for videogame stores online. Thousands of fans have started to buy the Fallout games and it seems that Fallout 4 doesn’t launch in PS5.

Fallout 4 is the most recent entry in the saga but it arrived on 2015. The current gen consoles by that time were PS4 and Xbox One. If you try to run the Fallout 4 title in a PS5 and it doesn’t run, in this article we tell you what to do. It’s not that difficult, don’t worry.

PS5 Fallout 4 doesn't launch properly

The problems in Fallout 4, it doesn’t launch in PS5

The title from Bethesda suffers an error that crashes the game and returns to the dashboard immediately in PS5. It was also depicted as an issue in some PC setups. Even though the developers may be trying to fix the issue, the gamer community has taken the initiative and they found a solution.

In fact, they have reduced the risk of suffering from a game crash by following some easy steps. In case your Fallout 4 doesn’t run in the PS5, try this solutions.

  1. From the PlayStation 5 main menu press the Option button in the DualSense and select Options.
  2. Open the Manage game content.
  3. From the DLC list in Fallout 4 choose Wastelander Workshop and Automaton.
  4. Eliminate both extra contents from the game.
  5. Restart Fallout 4 in your PS5.

If you have done it ok, the game should start. In case it keeps crashing you should go for more drastic alternatives.

How to solve start issues in PS5 definitely?

The second solution is a more radical one. The steps are a little more complex but you can follow them easily to securely improve your Fallout installation in PS5.

  1. Uninstall Fallout 4 from your PS5.
  2. Dowload the game again from the store or install it from a physical disc.
  3. Restart the console.
  4. Update the operating system of PS5.
  5. Run the game.

Fallout 4 should start normally. In any case, Bethesda should launch a new update with a fix for all the launching issues in the near future.

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