Choose between LPDDR5 and DDR5

LPDDR5 vs. DDR5 differences and features

LPDDR5 and DDR5 are RAM memory technologies with exceptional performance for desktop computers and laptops. However, both are designed for different purposes. Learning about RAM memory, uses and limitations is essential to choose properly when you change a component so important for your device like the RAM module.

RAM memory temporarily stores the data your processor needs to run software or tasks. If you have more RAM you will be able to run more apps simultaneously and smoothly. Over the years the technology surrounding RAM evolved giving birth to several terms and acronyms that may confuse casual users. The most recent RAM technologies are DDR5 and LPDDR5 and they may seem similar but there are important differences between them.

RAM memory technology differences DDR5 and LPDDR5

What differentiates LPDDR5 and DDR5

Both LPDDR and DDR are RAM memory types used in different devices. LP stands for low power and is used in tablets and Smartphones where energetic efficiency is a key requirement. Whereas the DDR5 is designed for laptop and desktop computers. The DDR5 is the new high-end standard for velocity and performance in computers.

A LPDDR5 module consumes little energy and is great for battery powered devices. The voltage is lower and it can change between different states according to the workload. It’s also integrated directly to the motherboard of the tablet or Smartphone.

On the other hand, the DDR5 offers a better performance and speed than LPDDR5. It has bigger bandwidth and faster data transfer speed. It comes in individual modules that you can install and update easily in your laptop or desktop computer.

Which option is better LPDDR5 or DDR5?

Both RAM memory technologies are made for different purposes. The DDR5 is the best option for gaming computers or work stations with great resource consumption. It offers more speed and processing power and you can use it for intensive tasks such as video editing or videogames. The main disadvantage is the greater power consumption comparing DDR5 and LPDDR5.

The LPDDR5 is great for thin and light laptops, Smartphones or tablets. It’s a type of RAM memory that prioritizes mobility and battery life. It’s directly welded to the motherbase and you can’t update it or change it.

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