Watch your PC on a Smart TV

Connect your PC to a Smart TV, all the options available

If you want to connect your PC to Smart TV there are several options. You can now watch all your computer content directly on the bigger screen through wired or wireless alternatives. Nowadays you can use a Smart TV for almost anything, but it’s not the most comfortable device for user experience. The controller is not as intuitive as the mouse and keyboard, and there are limitations.

For that reason, you can try using your computer to cast the image on the TV screen and work easily. That way you can make the most out of the bigger screen and better image quality of your current Smart TV. There are several ways to send your PC audiovisual signal to a TV. You can choose between wired or wireless options and each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Use your PC on the Smart TV display

Connect your PC to the Smart TV with HDMI cable

This is the best option to connect and obtain the same quality of your PC image on a Smart TV. The computers have different ports for image output but not all of them are the same. The HDMI port is the best one. It’s currently present in most of the laptop and desktop models as well as TVs and Smart TVs alike.

If your computer doesn’t include a HDMI port like new ultra thin models, you can use a HUB adapter. It’s a device that you can buy for 20 euros in Amazon and stores and works as a USB or USB type C connector for HDMI ports and others.

TCL, one of the most important TV manufacturers of the world, explains in its official webpage that you only need a HDMI to HDMI cable to connect your PC to a TV and start sharing the audiovisual signal. You can´t miss because the two ends of the cable are exactly the same and share the function.

Once you connect the cable, select the source or input signal from the TV menu and select the HDMI port. In case your TV or Smart TV has more than one HDMI port, make sure you are playing the connected one. Usually you don’t need to do anything else. You just have to navigate through your computer and watch the image on the TV.

HDMI is the best option if you have HDMI 2.1 and 2.1a ports, they are the most recent ones and the bandwidth allows up to 8K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate.

Other wired alternatives

If you don’t have or don’t want to use the HDMI port you can also connect your computer through wired options. The VGA, DVI, Euroconector, RCA and audio jack are the most common audiovisual cables on the market. All of them are image only, except the Euroconector. If you want to add sound you need a 3,5mm audio jack. In order to connect one of these alternatives you only need to put the cable on the correspondent port. Windows should detect the image automatically, but if you don’t see it go to the operating system settings and select your Smart TV manually.

WiFi wireless option to connect PC and Smart TV

Wireless technology is great to save up space. Using a WiFi network you can link a Smart TV and your computer to watch the same content. These option is only available on WiFi compatible Smart TV or through devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick or Google TV.

  1. Connect your Smart TV to the WiFi network you are going to link.
  2. Open your PC settings and go to Display Settings.
  3. Choose Multiple displays and the Duplicate option.
  4. Go to Start – Settings – Devices – Connected devices and press the Add or + button.
  5. Your Smart TV should appear on the list.

Wireless Mac connection through Airplay

If you have a Mac computer you have a great ally called AirPlay. You need a compatible Smart TV and then just connect both devices to the same WiFi network. The latest version is AirPlay 2 and it’s available since 2019.

  1. Go to AirPlay control centre on the upper bar of MacOS.
  2. Choose the Duplicate display option.
  3. Select the Smart TV you want to connect and confirm the link.

Use external devices

This alternative is for those who haven’t got a Smart TV or in case none of the alternatives above work. You can use external devices to connect your PC and Smart TV like Google TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

  1. Connect the Google Chromecast and activate the Bluetooth and WiFi connection.
  2. Select the Cast option and choose the content you want to run from the PC.
  3. Press the Share button.

In Amazon Fire TV models you have to connect to the same WiFi. Then search for it on yur PC and link the devices with the code that appears onscreen. You can also select the Duplicate option.

Finally, in case you use an Apple TV device you have to set up the Share at home function from the iTunes app. Go to File – Share at home – Activate “Share at home” and then input your Apple ID.

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