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VPN not connecting, what to check in order to fix it

Nowadays, having a VPN is pretty common. Smartphones, laptops and personal computers use VPNs to secure the connection and avoid data leaks. If you need a VPN fix, you may risk your Internet connection in public WiFi spots. The correct VPN function hides your IP and avoids geographical blockage for webs.

However, you may detect low speeds when navigating. We analyze and recommend you what to do if your VPN works slowly and needs a fix. What options do you have to get a good browsing speed for your computer.

VPN fix to recover connection speed

Why do VPN needs a fix and goes slowly?

Sometimes, the VPN stops working well. Suddenly, we detect a slow navigation speed, cuts or even the shutting of the service. There are several causes for this. You can fix a VPN or correct it and we tell you how to.

Server saturation

When connecting to a server for a while, it starts getting saturated. A VPN has limited resources for users to navigate and correct. If those resources exhaust, we start suffering limitations, slow speed  and no connection at all. This problem depends on the quality of the server and the amount of users. It is the same as in bandwidth problems with WiFi connections. Your VPN may not connect because of this.

Worse Internet coverage

If you need to fix your VPN, you may be suffering bad Internet coverage. You will detect this issue when navigating, because it’s a sudden drop of speed. It may even disconnect you from the Internet. If you are away from the WiFi access point or the band changes, you may detect this issue.

Smartphones also suffer these problems when dealing with mobile data. A bad connections causes the resources of the VPN to be harder to use.

Software conflicts

VPNs sometimes fail because conflicts with software in your device. You may have installed a program that collides with the VPN network Some antivirus or firewalls are the most commonly known for generating VPN issues.

If you have recently installed a new software, check out for possible incompatibilities. Uninstall the app that generates the VPN issue to recover your normal connection.

Server location changes for VPN fix

A good idea to fix your VPN connection is to correctly select the server location. If you are travelling in a country like China, is better for you to select a VPN from Japan or Hong Kong, than from USA: The distance affects the connecting quality with the servers. If you connect to a far away server, you may experience speed issues. The best location is one with servers close to you.

As we discussed in this note, yout VPN speed connection may suddenly drop. Check out for server saturation, software compatibility issues or server location. The main objective is to restore the best connection speed easily.

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