Create QR code for your Instagram Reels

How to share Instagram Reels QR code

Instagram Reels are immersive and entertaining videos which users make to express brand story and get discovered by the audiences. In order to go viral and reach more audience, you need to share your Instagram Reels in an easy way.

QR Codes for Instagram Reels is one of those sharing tools. The QR code is a fast and visual option to share access to your content. This tutorial teaches you how to create the QR code to share your Instagram Reels faster in any social network. Remember you can also add text to your reels to customize the message.

How to make QR code for Instagram Reels

Whats is a QR code?

Quick response codes are optical labels with saved data. The QR code can be read by different mobile devices and scanners to give access to several web pages or files. Nowadays, QR codes are famous because they help sharing information in a fast way:

  • Simple text files.
  • WiFi authentication.
  • URL addresses.
  • Telephone numbers and e-mails.
  • Two step verification process.
  • Save addresses.

How to make QR codes for Instagram Reels

The QR code for Reels is only available on iOS devices. The compatibility for Android phones is still in progress. The steps to create and share a QR code are the following:

  • Enter Reels from your own profile or one you liked on the social network from a public account.
  • Press the three dots icon.
  • Press QR code in the contextual menu.
  • A preview of the QR code appears, you can customize its color and save it in your reel.
  • Open Photos app in iPhone.
  • Select the QR code and press on the Share button.
  • Choose which app to use and share the QR code with your contacts or followers.

How to read a QR code

If you want to read the content of a QR code you only need to focus it with your camera. Most of the mobile devices today include the QR scanner imbedded in the phone. You can also download a QR code app to read this information.

Now you are ready to create and read Instagram Reels QR code. The fastest and easiest way to share the content you like on the social network.

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