How to fix a microSD card that doesn't work

What to do if the microSD card doesn’t work?

Mobile devices with microSD support are very helpful. You can save photos, media files and Netflix episodes or movies, among other stuff. However, microSD card may not function correctly and it can be bothersome. Some of the most usual errors include microSD cards that appear empty or asking to format in order to work.

If you microSD card stops working there are some tips to correct it. You can restart the smartphone, check device compatibility and put in the microSD card again in order to fix reading errors. Follow the guidelines we give you and fix your card.

Fix the microSD card that stopped working.

Compatibility of microSD card

First of all we need to make sure that the microSD card is compatible with the smartphone. This only applies to new card because one that worked and stop functioning was clearly compatible. The developers of storage cards tend to give information only about maximum storage capacity and they don’t state compatibility issues.

Restart your phone

Before trying more complex solutions, you should try to restart your mobile device. When a microSD card suddenly disappears from your device manager reading, it’s possible that restarting the phone fixes the issue. If restarting works, then you have suffered a minor software problem that can happen randomly.

Put the microSD in again

If the microSD card is not working, you can try putting it out and then back in. This solution usually works because it helps cleaning dust from the connectors.

Check it out in a PC

When the card stops working and you want to know if it’s the mobile or the storage device, you can try connecting it to a PC. You can use a SD adapter to read a microSD and see if your computer recognizes the storage device. If it works on the PC, you can try moving some files before putting it back to the mobile device.

Format it from the mobile phone

You can also try to give format to the microSD directly from the mobile device. If you do this, the content of the card will disappear. The option appears automatically when Android detects that your microSD is damaged. Just follow the prompts.

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