Windows WiFi problems with connection

A program that solves Windows WiFi problems

The wireless Internet connection may not be always working right. This can be very frustrating in the office or house. However if your Windows WiFi is working slowly or showing other problems, there is a software that can help you detect and resolve the issue.

The program is called WiFiDiagnosticView and it’s totally free. You can use it to make a precise diagnostic about your WiFi connection and then solve the issues of speed and reach of the signal.

WiFiDiagnosticView working

How do you solve Windows WiFi problems with WiFiDiagnosticView

WiFiDiagnosticView is not only a free software, is also very small and it doesn’t consume resources. You can do a detailed analysis of your WiFi connection and understand where the problem is. The tool shows you which Windows WiFi problems you may be suffering by signaling the most important aspects of a wireless technical connection.

The software doesn’t need installation. You can use it directly from the portable version. In that case, you only need to open the executable file and you will receive a complete report on your WiFi connection. The app makes a register log of all the WiFi connection events on your computer. You can detect when the connection started to fail and the failure codes.

You need to know how to read this data in order to take advantage of the program. That’s why WiFiDiagnosticView is a tool that technicians usually recommend. You must learn about the different WiFi features and how the wireless connection works. That way, you can read several events that are introduced in the log and interpret their meaning.

For a wireless connection to work properly, you need to understand your router device as well as the connection process. Windows WiFi problems tend to occur when we set up the router with errors or the location is not good for the signal reach.

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