Avoid personal information leaks on the Internet

5 tips to avoid personal information leaks

There are several ways for our personal information to end up in hackers hands. In order to avoid personal information leaks we need to focus on a conscious use of technology, apps and web services. We explore 5 of the most useful tips to protect your personal data on the Internet.

Avoid common mistakes and personal information leaks by setting your computer correctly and adding up layers of data protection. Choose from passwords and Cloud storage protection to official apps and other tips to protect your information and devices. Internet has a lot of benefits but it can also be dangerous if not used properly.

Protect your accounts to avoid personal information leaks

The protection of your e-mail and services accounts is indispensable. You have to check for secure passwords using upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. If the password is long and difficult to memorize, the hackers will spend more time trying to guess it. It is also important to use different passwords for each service. If you have only one password you are vulnerable.

Use official apps

Fight againist hackers and personal information leaks

Make sure the social networks and Internet apps you use are official. Hackers tend to make clones of the most popular apps in order to steal user personal information through apps that look alike. Download the apps only from the Google Play Store or the official webpage of the service provider.

Do not use unprotected WiFi networks to prevent personal information leaks

Public networks with no password tend to expose your personal data. Hackers rob you when connecting carelessly to this kind of networks. Airports, malls and restaurant WiFi with no passwords should be avoided at all costs.

If you have to use a public network you should use a VPN service to mask your device information. By doing this your personal data would have another layer of protection against hackers.

Do not share confidential data

We can share all kind of data on the web. Our social networks settings can be used to show address, telephone number and other personal data. Think thoroughly which data you share and if it is necessary. Each data you make public may be used by hackers.

Registration in web and app platforms

When you register yourself on an Internet platform you input your information. Personal information leaks occur when a server is hacked and they steal the information you saved when registering. Look out for secure and reliable platforms before registering.

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