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How to create an email account

The email account nowadays is almost an obligation. Lots of platforms require you to input an e-mail account to make use of working and educational tools. The e-mail can store information and it’s used for creating users in several apps and platforms. In order to create an e-mail account you need to follow easy steps that are pretty much the same in every e-mail service.

This guide is focused in the web-based email service Gmail but you can follow the same steps in any other provider. You need a valid e-mail account for almost anything of your Smartphone so it’s important to use a professional and a personal account in order to separate contents and contacts.

How to create a Gmail account

Steps to create an e-mail account

In order to have your own e-mail account in Gmail you first need to enter the official Gmail web page. Input this address in the search bar: Then, follow these steps to create a new e-mail account fast.

  1. Click on Create a new account
  2. Select the purpose of your account, it can be professional or personal.
  3. If you select Personal account you need to input your full name, the e-mail name and a security password.
  4. Click on next and select an alternative e-mail or telephone number for restoring options.
  5. Input your date of birth and gender.
  6. Click on Next and confirm the Terms of Use.
  7. Click on Accept and your Gmail account will be created.
  8. Gmail will open the inbox of your e-mail.
  9. In the right upper part of the screen you can access your profile.
  10. The system may ask for a cell phone number to send a security code. You must synch your mobile phone number to fully access Google services.

This is the easiest way to create an email account in just a few minutes. The steps are pretty much the same for Outlook, Gmail or other email service providers.

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