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Razer delves into the world of blockchain gaming: zVentures Web3 (ZW3I)

  • Razer looks to build the next generation of blockchain-enabled gaming
  • The firm recognizes the current problems of the web3 industry in terms of games
  • Gaming companies selected by Razer will have access to its ecosystem of hardware and services

Singapore-based hardware company Razer is venturing into the world of blockchain-based gaming with its web3 investment fund. Its new incubator, zVentures Web3 (ZW3I), is Razer’s early-stage venture arm, aiming to build the next generation of blockchain-enabled gaming projects and companies.

The challenges of web3 in games

However, Razer acknowledges that the web3 industry has so far struggled with gaming.

The successful incorporation of blockchain is a “complex endeavor” that requires a deep understanding of player behavior and individual motivations in a game.

To date, Web3-enabled games have struggled to attract and reach the mainstream gaming community.

Current blockchain games focus on integrating blockchain technology rather than optimizing gameplay, resulting in player loss of interest and low retention.

Razer’s approach

Razer emphasizes that the gaming experience “is the most important aspect of any successful game launch.”

The hardware manufacturer believes that web3 will “revolutionize this experience for everyone.” ZW3I will help foster close collaboration with pioneering gaming projects to drive widespread adoption across the industry.

Gaming companies selected by Razer will receive access to Razer’s marketing and partnerships and will be able to take advantage of the Hong Kong gaming giant’s ecosystem of hardware and services.

Associations and recent reviews

The vast network of zVentures partnerships, accessible to these select gaming companies, includes Animoca Brands, Amazon Web Services, 1Up Ventures, Griffin Gaming Partners, and Play Ventures Future Fund.

As Razer acknowledged, the blockchain doesn’t exactly have the strongest history with gaming. Last month, Japanese game publisher Square Enix came under fire after releasing a trailer for its upcoming NFT game “Symbiogenesis.” The game was particularly criticized for incentivizing players to “hold NFTs for a long time without selling them”.

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