Twitter launches subscriptions to monetize content creators feeds

  • Details and requirements to monetize on Twitter
  • Types of content that can be shared and subscription plans
  • Incentives and earnings percentages for creators on the platform

Twitter has launched its new Subscriptions feature that will allow content creators to monetize their feeds. While some details can be found on Twitter’s monetization tab, there is also information on the Subscriptions support page.

The company has set some requirements for users who want to activate Subscriptions, including having at least 10K followers, 25 tweets in the last 30 days, and being over 18 years of age.

The option is found in Twitter Settings, where the “Monetize” option appears.

Content Type and Subscription Plans

Creators on Twitter will be able to share exclusive content, including tweets, long-form tweets, and “hour-long” videos.

There will also be subscriber-only Twitter spaces where users can join and listen to exclusive audio content.

Monthly subscription plans will start from $2.99 per month, followed by $4.99 and $9.99. At the moment it will not be possible to make changes, but Elon Musk communicated on Twitter that there could be changes in the future.

Earnings for creators and restrictions

Twitter won’t be taking a portion of the money earned by creators during the first year of the feature, which should be a great incentive for creators.

However, there will be processing fees. A creator will earn less once they cross the $50,000 threshold in lifetime earnings, but will still take home 80 percent after that. The feature is only available to those in the United States, for now.

Different visions for creator monetization on Twitter

While this is a nice feature for creators on the platform, it’s a different take on what Elon Musk promised a couple of months ago.

In February, he promised that creators could profit from shared ad revenue. For now, creators will have to stick with subscriptions and wait for it to become something more in the future.

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