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How to watch any past video from TikTok

TikTok is a social network focused on short videos rather than images or written messages. You can watch videos from almost any topic. The algorithm learns our likings and updates regularly to offer us the best content according to our tastes. The users create hundreds of videos each day, but if you have a past TikTok video you also watch it.

If you swipe your finger up, you can see the next video. But if you want to go back to the previous video you only need to swipe down the screen. Once the session is closed you can’t do the swipe down and the timeline starts again with new content. But there are some alternatives to watch a past video in TikTok.

TikTok past video and how to watch it

Access to 7 day record in TikTok for a past  video

You can only go back up to 7 days to watch a past TikTok video. First you need to open the app and select the magnifying glass icon. Once you are in the search function, you must write * and click on search. This is the command to watch any video in the social network.

When you want to find a past video, you use the filter and select the condition “Already seen video”. Apply this layer to your search and you will see the last 7 days videos you have seen or swiped up in TikTok.

The videos appear without any chronological order. You can navigate the results and search for that video you want to watch again or to some extent. In order to avoid losing it again, you should save it in your favorites section.

Favorites and bookmarks

The 7 day record TikTok videos is a solution, but the best way to watch a past TikTok video is to use favorites and bookmarks. The heart button functions like a “Like it” mark. If you select the heart icon in a video, it will be saved in a list you can consult anytime.

The bookmark feature allows you to save a video and access it faster. You can create several folders with bookmarks according to certain topics or characteristics. It’s a great option when you want to create a selection of TikTok videos.

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