Check the wires if you have no Internet at home

No Internet at home? Try this before calling your provider

Having no Internet at home is troublesome. Even if it’s occasionally, the connection to Internet has become so common that users tend to get crazy if there are issues. Sometimes the router fails or the Internet provider suffers problems. Here we analyze possible solutions you can try before calling your Internet provider.

This way you can use the technical call as an ultimate resource. Try these local solutions before contacting your provider in order to save time and detect faster what it’s happening to your Internet connection.

A router correctly working but no Internet at home

What to do if you have no Internet at home

Imagine you are using your computer to navigate in the Internet and you suddenly get offline. The following steps are fast and easy to do and can provide you information about what is causing the problem. Sometimes you can fix it yourself, with no need of intervention by the Internet provider.

Try another device

You first must know if the Internet connection is lost only for your computer or any other Internet compatible device. Try the WiFi connection with a phone or Smart TV, connect another laptop with the Internet wire and verify if Internet is working normally in other devices.

It’s not that strange that certain devices suffer connection issues. The network card may be failing or a firmware process has errors. You may even be suffering a malware attack on that specific device.

Restart the router if you have no Internet connection at home

If the Internet connection doesn’t work in any device, it’s time to turn off and restart the router. In order to restart a router properly, you need to turn it off for at least 30 seconds. Then you start it again and see if all the lights start working normally. Try to connect your devices wirelessly or in wireless mode.

Verify that the connections are ok

It sounds nonsensical but sometimes you touch a cable without noticing and the connection pin gets loose. Check out that all the cables are well connected. Maybe you moved something when swiping the floor for example. Also, try not to put your router next to a window.

Check the lights of your router

If none of the above solved your Internet problem, it’s time to look at the router. The LED lights are usually lit in green. If there’s a problem you will see them blinking red or orange. Depending on which light is red, you can identify the source of the problem. It’s also important to know these information when calling your Internet service provider.

Look for information in your phone

You should use mobile data connection to search for information about issues with the provider or your router model. It’s also possible to share your data connection to some computers in order to search for a solution on the Internet. After checking these possible solutions, you can call your Internet provider to get technical assistance.

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