WiFi improvement common mistakes

WiFi improvement false tips

We all want our Internet connection to work faster. However a lot of WiFi improvement tips in the web are false. In this article we analyze some of the most common mistakes when trying to speed up your WiFi connection. The peculiarity of these tips is that all of them make your Internet connection work slower.

These are tips you should avoid if you want WiFi speed improvements. At the end of the day, it’s on you. You can try to improve your WiFi but probable it won’t work.

How to solve slow WiFi issues

Mistakes you should avoid for WiFi improvement

IF you connect your device with a wire, the speed problems are reduced as well as the stability ones. Most of the issues come from wireless WiFi connection. The router may be far or some devices may interfere with the signal.

Bad quality WiFi repeater

If you want to improve your WiFi connection you should use a good repeater. It’s very common to buy a cheaper one. The bad quality WiFi repeaters are a bad investment. They tend to worsen the signal quality.

In order to get WiFi improvement you should but a PLC device, a mesh system or a good quality WiFi repeater. The model you buy has to be appropriate for the use you will give to your Internet connection.

WiFi improvement by changing your router

Changing the router without knowing the real problem is another common mistake. You need to find the real reason for a bad Internet connection before making changes. If you don’t do this, you may spend money in a device that won’t fix your situation. Save money by detecting the real reason for your WiFi problems and act upon it.

Fully analyze the problematic device

Another common mistake is to analyze the problematic device incompletely. You may have problems in the network or in the computer, and not in the router. If you just jump out to conclusions, you may repeat the problem in the future.

You should look for viruses or operative system updates. The drivers should also be updated to get the best out of your Internet connection.

Do not install programs that promise you a faster connection

A WiFi improvement through dedicated software is almost always a scam. If you find a web add that promises you faster Internet connection you should avoid clicking on it. You can use a software to clean your system and optimize it but there’s no direct impact on the connection speed.

Be careful when downloading these kind of programs. 99% of the  time they are virus masquerading as useful software. These are the most usual mistakes people makes when trying to get a better Internet speed. At the end of the day, what we need is to check out and verify how our devices work.

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