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A whale is discovered buying large amounts of Arbitrum (ARB) with accumulation strategy

  • A whale investor on Binance is accumulating ARB tokens, creating quite a stir in the market.
  • Strategically, he has withdrawn over $2.9 million worth of ARB tokens, demonstrating confidence in their future potential.
  • The accumulation strategy has had a direct impact on the value of ARB, which has experienced a significant increase.

A crypto whale investor is timely acquiring ARB tokens through the popular exchange platform, Binance. With an impressive holding of 2.5 million ARB tokens, it has created quite a stir in the market and affected the value of ARB.

Through the use of Arkham Intelligence, the whale’s transaction history has been obtained. Four days ago, the whale created an address (0x37bF2A67c4c2C492d582f59AdEB5186719De738f) and withdrew 1.5 million ARB tokens from Binance, worth approximately $1.76 million at the time. The purchase price was $1.07 per ARB. 13 hours ago, the whale made another withdrawal from Binance, this time taking out 1 million ARB tokens, worth approximately $1.18 million.

Currently, the investor has an impressive portfolio of 2.5 million ARB tokens, valued at approximately $3.01 million. The average purchase price for these tokens is around $1.13.

Two weeks ago, Arbitrum airdropped around 90.15 million ARB tokens to 131 DAO addresses, worth $118 million. During this period, a whale named TRIDENT sold 131,345 ARBs, which had a negative impact on the ARB price, according to lookonchain reports.

Confidence in the future potential of Arbitrum (ARB)

The strategic withdrawal of more than $1 million demonstrates investor confidence in ARB’s future potential. After reaching an all-time low of $1.06, the ARB token has seen a 12.91% rise in the last 7 days.

The average investor purchase price per ARB token is estimated to be around $1.13, indicating a calculated approach to minimize costs and maximize holdings.

The whale accumulation strategy has attracted attention and speculation within the cryptocurrency community. This more pronounced focus has had a direct impact on ARB’s value.

The token is currently on the rise, with a value of $1.20 per ARB token, according to CoinMarketCap. ARB’s market capitalization stands at $1,527,777,435.

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