Erase BleachBit programs to erase garbage content

4 programs to erase garbage content in PC

Lots of users like to install every application they come across. They try them even if they don’t plan to keep using them in the future. All the software we install in a PC leaves traces and files that may slow down the system. However, there are programs to erase garbage content and files easily.

In this list you will find the best tools to eliminate garbage content faster and without complications in your computer. Because Windows does not include any tool to analyze and check which files are relevant for an application, you have to resort to this kind of cleaners. These third party apps are the most popular solutions to erase garbage content in your computer.


BleachBit it’s another software with great reviews from the users. It’s not as popular as Shredit but it includes a great variety of features to clean your hard drive. It analyzes the system looking for files that are not essential. These files can be temporary ones, old backups, memory cache and similar. It’s a completely free too you can download from the official website.

Wise Disk Cleaner programs to erase garbage content

The Wise Disk Cleaner app it’s specially developed to eliminate junk files from PC. It’s a very simple program that you can learn to use in a few minutes. The Advanced Mode includes extra features like removing registry entries from uninstalled software. It’s another of the free programs to erase garbage content in your computer.


CCleaner garbage content

One of the most popular apps in the cleaning PC sector. It erases junk files as well as registry entries and useless directories. In recent years the users have said that feature are not as effective as in the paid versión.

Clean Master

The most intuitive and simple cleaning software you can use in your PC. It lets you manage disk partitions and you can eliminate garbage files. The free versión has several features, but you can also pay for the Premium versión and the extra functions

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