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Amazon begins writing AI-generated review summaries of its online products

  • Amazon uses artificial intelligence to generate product review summaries, streamlining purchasing decisions for customers.
  • AI-generated summaries highlight the positive aspects of the products and offer relevant information about their operation and design.
  • Amazon is investing significantly in generative AI to improve customer trust and eliminate fake reviews on its online store.
  • The company plans to redesign its search process with deep learning technologies and offer a chatbot-like interactive conversation experience.

Amazon has started using artificial intelligence (AI) as part of its strategy to speed up the shopping experience for its customers. Using AI, summaries of reviews of some products are generated, thus avoiding consumers having to review extensive and numerous buyer reviews. This new feature was discovered by Mark Wieczorek, CTO of Fortress Brand, a New York-based marketing agency, and confirmed by CNBC.

AI-generated summaries

AI-generated summaries are presented on Amazon’s mobile site and are currently only available for certain products. These summaries are generated from the text of customer reviews, clearly marked as “Powered by AI” at the end.

For example, an AI-generated summary of an air purifier is shown, highlighting positive aspects such as its ability to clean the air, improve air quality, its quiet operation and effective odor removal, as well as its attractive design. However, there are also mixed opinions about its effectiveness in reducing allergies and asthma.

The exact summary says: This air purifier has received positive feedback from customers in various aspects. Many customers have praised its ability to clear the air and improve air quality, with some even calling it the best air purifying device. The product is also quiet and effective in removing smells, with customers appreciating its stylish appearance. However, some customers have expressed mixed opinions on its effectiveness in reducing allergies and asthma.

Investment in AI by Amazon

The tech giant has not made a public announcement about this new feature, but has widely communicated that it is investing significantly in generative AI across all of its businesses. This investment seeks to promote the development of AI capable of eliminating false reviews on the site, providing greater confidence to customers.

Amazon’s interest in AI is evident in recently posted job postings, discovered by Bloomberg. These ads reveal the company’s intent to improve its search process through an interactive chat experience that allows users to find answers, compare products, and receive personalized suggestions, similar to the functionality of chatbots like ChatGPT.

In addition, it seeks to redesign and reinvent the way search is done on its site using deep learning techniques at scale.

Final words

This innovation seeks to streamline customer purchasing decisions, saving them time by providing condensed and relevant information about the experience of other customers.

In my opinion, these summaries can be very helpful to the consumer when it comes to best-selling products that have tens, hundreds, or thousands of reviews. However, such summaries can also be skewed, leaving out certain bad reviews, either intentionally or due to AI Amazon errors.

However, Amazon will have to be given a vote of confidence, since it supposedly aims to offer the customer a more personalized and efficient shopping experience.

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