Tips when WhatsApp doesn't work

Sending a video on WhatsApp doesn’t load. Why?

It’s very annoying when you are trying to send a video on WhatsApp but the file doesn’t load. Moreover, there could be several reasons for this problem so you need to identify the reason before fixing it. Maybe the app is having server problems or your Smartphone is starting to fail.

In case you think it’s a temporary problem, you can try restarting it to see if that works. There’s also the updating alternative to download the most recent WhatsApp version or even reinstalling the app. However, sometimes the cause for videos that don’t load lies elsewhere. In this article we explore the main reasons for a video that doesn’t load when you send it on WhatsApp.

What to do if your WhatsApp video doesn't load

Main reasons if your WhatsApp video doesn’t load

When sending a video on WhatsApp and experiencing the load problem, you should check these features to discard external issues:

Bad Internet connection

First of all you should check whether the WhatsApp problems are due to a poor Internet connection. You may be in a low coverage area that stops the video for normal loading. Videos usually take up more bandwidth than photos and require a better connection to be sent. This problem is easily solved, just move to an area with a better coverage or ask someone to share their mobile data service.

The video is too large

Another reason for a video that doesn’t load when you send it on WhatsApp may be a heavy weight file. You can only send videos up to 16 MB. If you don’t, you may send it on parts or use an app to reduce the video size.

Another option is to compress or trim the video’s duration. You can also upload it to the cloud and share the link. If the video file is corrupted you won’t be able to send it either.

Low memory

If you send a video on WhatsApp but it doesn’t load you may be experiencing low internal or external memory space. Try inserting a memory card or check if the one you have is already full or defective. You can format the memory card if you find a storage problem or buy a new one. You should regularly delete photos, videos and unused apps to free space in your phone. In case you are not using a memory card, the internal storage space can fill up very quickly.

Incorrect date and time settings

Another reason for videos not loading on WhatsApp is the date and time of your phone. Similar to Internet connection in computers, the WhatsApp software may not work correctly if your date and time settings are incorrect in the phone. Try manually fixing both and send the video again.

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