Final Fantasy XVI overheat your PS5

Users claim that Final Fantasy XVI overheat the PS5

On June 26 Final Fantasy XVI for PS5 exclusive release is a reality. Even though fans are expectant, the demo and the game preparation is not going so smoothly. It’s true that nowadays patches are a common way to fix issues, but there are some reports that may worry the players. Users in Japan claim that the Final Fantasy XVI game overheat the console.

Sony launched PS5 on November 2020 and it’s a great console with almost no complaints of overheating. The users remark that the fans and cooling system operates quietly, but this seems not to be the case with FF XVI. There’s a possibility that Square Enix new game squeezes the console to the max.

Does Final Fantasy XVI really overheat PS5?

The users are reporting exactly that on Japanese social media. They are sharing images of FF XVI demo causing their PS5 consoles to heat up to the point of a message of temperature alert appearing on screen. For example, Poll Addict mentioned that the demo itself “seems too beautiful [graphically] for the PS5. I switched to performance mode right after this happened. Keep in mind that I was playing in an air-conditioned room with ventilation grilles and an exhaust fan. The graphics of this game are too much.”

According to this user, it seems that the quality graphics mode of Final Fantasy XVI in the demo are extremely demanding. This mode allows 4K resolution at 30 frames per second with all quality options maxed out.  The console components are not being able to handle this and the temperature increases forcing the machine to shut down.

This is not an ideal situation. Least of all considering that PS5 was marketed as a console to handle games at 4K resolutions. The need to reduce resolution or graphical quality for the console to work is a hardware issue to acknowledge.

Who is affected by the Final Fantasy XVI overheat?

Up to this point there is not a significant number of cases to indicate a widespread pattern. Maybe it’s a case affecting only a batch of consoles. Another possibility is that the configuration of the console is issuing these type of notifications on PS5.

However, if you like to play games with graphics quality mode, you should be careful when running Final Fantasy XVI. At least until an official message comes from the developers. The performance option in PS5 allows you to play the game with a more suitable configuration until a patch arrives. It’s also possible that the problem only occurs with the demo. The official game may include a solution to these graphic issues in case they repeat in other consoles.

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