What to do if your Google account is stolen

What to do if your Google account is stolen

Passwords and data robbery is a permanent risk online. But if your Google account is stolen you need to act fast. If a hacker gains access to your account it can affect several services so you need to prevent it.

On the one hand, Google is one of the main targets for cybercriminals as you synch lots of services to your Google account. The most popular menaces include phishing attacks, malware sending and brute force attacks to break your password. On the other hand, thanks to two-step authentication and other security features you can try to prevent all the consequences of a Google stolen account.

What happens when your Google account is stolen?

First of all, your Google services become exposed. You Gmail, Google Drive cloud storage, YouTube account and Google Play Store purchases are in hands of a hacker. Therefore, if your Google account is stolen the perpetrator can access all of this. A hacker can read your emails, consult your search history, delete files from Google Drive and even access your bank accounts in some cases.

Another possibility is that the hacker hosts viruses to infect third parties without their knowledge. If your password is broken and they access your account, they can impersonate you and copy sensitive documents as well.

The Google account being stolen is not as other accounts. If you have used it to register on a forum, it stays focused on that service. But accessing your Google account is a great risk because we use Google accounts for daily life activities.

Steps to follow when your Google account is stolen

If you suspect that intruders are using your Google account the first step is to change your password.  If you do this, you can prevent further access to your services. You should also change your password in any other website or application just in case.

It’s also important to investigate the cause of the intrusion. Maybe a virus or an error you made when navigating the Internet or carelessness when logging into someone else device. If you identify the cause you can prevent it from happening again. If you lost access to your account you can reset your password. Google will ask you for personal information and you will have to use a special code to gain access to your device again.Another advice is to enable two-step authentication. It adds a new layer of protection but if the hacker stole your session cookie you won’t be able to save your account either.

The most common thing is to realize a hacking when it’s already too late. The cybercriminal has already changed your password and disabled two-step authentication. You need to be extremely cautious when executing software in your computer. Avoid downloading game cracks, as they may come with Trojans and other viruses.

To sum up, if your Google account is stolen you should quickly enter and change your password. Also, try to improve your security measures with a two-step authentication method and don’t download games and apps from unknown sources.

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